Silhouette Cameo One-on-One

Lilac Shanty – Silhouette Cameo Basics

One-on-One Class Schedule

· Where to find designs/how to download and where to save

o Design Store

o Other Resources

· Where to get fonts/how to download and Install

· Learn the Studio Icons

· How to manipulate a design

o Resize

o Group/Ungroup

o Change colors

· Working with fonts

o Resizing

o Welding

o When a font is a font and when a font is a design

o Design fonts

· Compound paths

o Make a compound path

o Release compound path

· How to trace

· Making your first cut

o Options when cutting

o Changing material type

We will do a complete project start to finish - all supplies included in fee

Written Instructions and an exclusive Facebook group for Lilac Shanty students to ask questions and get help after class.

2-hour class $60 with option to add another hour for $25

Email me at to set up a one-on-one class